Democracy Redesigned


 What if we had a more democratic democracy, where decisions were made by all the people for the good of all people?

That would get MiVote.


We’ve been working shoulder-to-shoulder with a group of Australians busy building a better and more inclusive democratic system for all.

MiVote, the platform.

MiVote is an information platform that presents you with a variety of perspectives on all major issues up for debate in the Australian Parliament, and many others that affect our lives, via the MiVote app. The MiVote app enables you to make an informed, well-rounded decision and have your say on where you want our country to go. Putting REAL change at your fingertips.

MiVote, the movement.

The vote you choose to make on the MiVote app defines the position of the MiVote Movement on each critical policy debate in the Australian Parliament. Unlike current political parties, MiVote does not have a position on any issue until the majority of members have told us where they want Australia to go. We the people, together, will determine our future.


Sometimes great ideas just need a push.

A framework, a manifesto, a name.

Threads of a big idea had been swirling around in a few minds. With the 2016 Federal Election looming we were tasked with taking these threads and creating a brand that a disillusioned and despondent Australian public could understand and believe in.

Real democracy for real people.

Our mandate was to de-politicise democracy; our messaging was to be positive, inclusive, inspiring and thought-provoking; our heroes to be ‘real’ people with real concerns, of all ages, races, experiences and opinions.


Getting the word out on the streets.

Our goal – to normalise political decision making and thinking in people’s everyday lives, not just every three years. How – by strategically disrupting the urban environment, prompting questions in everyday contexts and points of ‘choice’.

MiVote Marketing

MiVote Marketing

A platform for real choice.

The MiVote App is currently in prototyping stage and due for release later this year. Keep up to date or join the movement at www.mivote.org.au

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