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Brand Awareness

“We need to attract and engage a larger audience.”

We can help you build more awareness around your brand offering to attract new audiences, and better engage existing ones.

Things we do:

Brand strategy, brand creation, awareness campaigns and marketing campaigns.

How we do it:

Discovery: We look at the current challenges and market opportunities.
Design thinking: Together we design the strategy for success – with metrics and goals.
Design doing: We can design all brand marketing and comms pieces to attract and inspire your audience.
Launch: We create a communications plan to connect your message to market.

Example: Rebranding Rehab for the University of Melbourne.


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Brand Creation

“We want to bring a new idea to life.”

We love new ideas – bring them on! We can help you achieve the best possible “product-to-market fit” for your new game-changing idea. Need a shiny new brand and impactful launch campaign? We can help with that too.

Things we do:

Product ideation workshops, market research, brand strategy and creation, pitch decks and launch campaigns.

How we do it:

Product discovery: We help refine the big idea, your value proposition and market fit in our product ideation workshops.
Design thinking: Together we design the strategy for success – with metrics and goals.
Design doing: We’re able to design all the marketing and comms pieces you may need along the way.
Launch: Time to connect your new product to those who need it most – your audience.

Example: Designing the future of Melbourne with MID.


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Brand Differentiation

“We need to differentiate what we do from the competitors.”

We can help build a compelling brand story around your unique point of difference. Enabling you to better connect with your desired audience, while separating you from those pesky competitors.

Things we do:

Brand positioning workshops, value proposition refinement, brand strategy and brand transformation.

How we do it:

Discovery: We work with you to uncover your current brand positioning and market challenges.
Design thinking: Together we design a brand positioning strategy – with metrics and goals.
Brand transformation: We build a compelling brand story centred on your new positioning.
Action plan: We create a communications plan to connect your revitalised brand story and unique point of difference to market.

Example: Changing the perceptions around science for Monash University.


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Brand Positioning

“Our brand lacks clarity – we need a clear brand story and market strategy.”

We can take the abstract concept of “brand” and bring clarity to it. Making sure everyone is on the same mission – working together with unified purpose – striving for a common goal. 

Things we do:

Research, brand narrative, brand transformation and launch campaigns.

How we do it:

Research: We talk to you, your staff and your customers to uncover current brand and market perceptions.
Brand rediscovery: We help you and your team define an authentic brand narrative– complete with things like values, vision and core purpose.
Brand transformation: We take the above and convert it into a tangible brand visual identity.
Action plan: We develop a communications and marketing plan to connect your renewed brand identity to everyone on the inside, and everyone on the outside.

Example: Tapping into the experience economy for William Angliss Institute.


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Brand Transformation

“We’ve outgrown our existing brand. We need to evolve.”

Sometimes businesses outgrow their brands. It’s a fact of life. We can help you navigate change and gear you up with a brand, and marketing strategies, that will stand the test of time.

Things we do:

Brand transformation, and marketing & communications strategies.

How we do it:

Diagnostic: We work with you to uncover current challenges and future market opportunities.
Design thinking: Together we design a strategy for success – with metrics and goals.
Design doing: We work to make the strategies become tangible outputs.
Implementation: We create a launch plan to connect your new product to those who need it most.

Example: Taking user experience to a new level for Rising Software.




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