Creative Brand, Marketing and Communication Design | Studio Alto


We connect people with knowledge, and knowledge with people.

We connect education and training providers with people, to get the knowledge they need to succeed in work and life.

We connect academic research and innovation with markets, to benefit individuals and communities.


We’re the outside agency with inside intelligence. We see the forest and the trees.

We’re focussed but our perspective is broad. We work with all kinds of education and knowledge sector brands from local start-ups to global institutions.

We look outside traditional channels for innovative ways to attract, engage and retain.


What we do

We create new brands, transform existing brands and create campaigns that boost awareness, attract and inspire, build better experiences, develop innovation and more.


You’ve got something they need! Let’s tell them how you can make their lives easier or better. Let’s make sure you stand out.


Now you’ve got their attention. Let’s make them a part of your community. Let’s engage them in meaningful and valuable dialogue. Let’s make sure that every experience is a great experience.


People never stop learning. Let’s make sure you keep in touch. Let’s continue to provide value and a great experience. Let’s make them feel like they’re an important part of your community.


How we do it


Let’s find out what is really going on. What are the challenges? Opportunities?


Let’s employ some creative intelligence and put together a plan and tactics to meet the challenge or seize the opportunity.


Let’s make sure all the great thinking hits the target and makes an impact.