Clear thinking, straight-talking, fast moving. Your team.

We believe

Brands are nothing without thriving, engaged communities.

Truth and authenticity is the foundation of successful brands.

Strategy is nothing without execution.

Co-design creates better outcomes through engagement, participation and knowledge sharing.

In engaging communities, not targeting audiences.

In speaking to mindsets, not broadcasting to demographics.

In humans at the centre of our decision making.

In the design process – design thinking – to diagnose problems and develop solutions.

In being good humans.

We are


Andrew O’Keeffe

Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) (Honours) RMIT University

Director and founding partner of Studio Alto, Andrew has over 15 years experience in Australia and the UK. He has worked with a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from grassroots cultural and sustainability organisations to multi-national corporations.

Andrew looks for inspiration outside of design and strives to bring a sense of simplicity, clarity, authenticity and appropriateness to every project.

He believes in working hard, sitting up straight, avoiding cliche, embracing the unexpected and leaving on time.


Mark O’Keeffe

Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) RMIT University

Director and founding partner of Studio Alto, Mark is not only an experienced designer, but an enthusiastic design teacher and a passionate musician.

Drawing on over 10 years industry experience, Mark sees every new project as an opportunity to raise the bar. Creating memorable brands is the product of hard thinking, collaboration and the odd genius moment. In between these moments Mark can be found conquering Seventies disco bass lines.


Eunice Yip

Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) (Honours) RMIT University

Trained as a visual communicator, moonlighting as a one-time illustrator, some would say Eunice sees the world through a slightly different lens. Originally hailing from the treacherous jungles of South East Asia, she now calls Australia (and Studio Alto) home, where she spends her days nitpicking bad kerning and resolving typographic dilemmas.

Typography (as well as the occasional bout of wanderlust) heavily informs her design practice, which is in turn heavily reliant on the belief that print will never die.


Lauren Manning

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) & Bachelor of Tourism, University of Otago

Straight out of New Zealand (via Europe), Lauren has honed her skills in the chillier parts of the Northern Hemisphere, keeping world class design and advertising agencies and their clients, on time and on track.

She now ably steers the SS Alto, making sure it stays afloat, on course and in high spirits.

When not working with Alto, or on her own jazzy entrepreneurial projects, Lauren is exploring all of the nooks, crannies and laneways that this city has to offer on her sturdy dutch style bike – rain, hail or shine.


Tom Walters

Bachelor of Journalism & Media Studies (Honours) University of Portsmouth

Having thankfully escaped the tropical climate of the UK for Australia, Tom has spent the past few years as a freelance journalist and public relations guru in the music industry before being swayed by Studio Alto (particularly by its love of coffee) to explore his other passion in design.

Tom is always one to think outside the box and bring a unique (and often quintessentially British) take to projects through his top-notch communications and organisational skills. He believes in the power of a great narrative, exceptional copy and the beautiful combination of disco and beer on a Saturday night.


Lucy Boehme

Bachelor of Communication Design (Honours) Swinburne University

Fresh-faced and full of ideas, our newest team member Lucy is constantly finding new ways to make a bang in the industry. Born to two artists, Lucy’s interest in art is – quite literally – natural and totally intuitive.

Lucy powers the studio with her communication design prowess, while trying to juggle a busy social life with a passion for the creative arts and indoor foliage.

A long time Bauhaus believer, Lucy has an eye for design that is bold and strikingly simplistic. She strives to achieve designs that are for everyday, universal uses, but that are also super-sharp and special.

Alto in the wild

The Good Weekend Magazine. Branding Konrad Marshall. Konrad's reactions to design team Studio Alto's unveiling of their findings and plan. Pic Simon Schluter 28 June 2016.

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