Arc Public

Connecting government with communities


Believing in the capacity of the government to make a difference in people’s lives

The power of the story – the narrative arc – that will move hearts and minds.


A new story arc

Arc Public is a communications agency that helps government better connect with communities, making them more effective, and ultimately making Australia a fairer place.

Arc Public is the government-centric arm of Essential Media, a full service communications consultancy with offices across Australia and New Zealand.

Getting to the core

Essential Media approached Alto to develop a brand name and visual identity for their government practice, with a vision to do public engagement for government in a considered, effective way.

The identity had to convey the idea of being a partnership, and be subtle yet memorable enough in its visual language.

Making connections

The inspiration for the naming and visual identity strategy was inspired by the underlying belief that the power of stories – the narrative arc – can connect people, and move hearts and minds. Other properties of the arc — strength and support, flexibility and concision — are also hallmarks of the brand.

Arc Public icon design by Studio Alto Arc Public icon design by Studio Alto
Arc Public brochure design by Studio Alto Arc Public brochure design by Studio Alto