Australian Rehabilition Research Centre | Brand Campaign by Studio Alto

Australian Rehabilitation Research Centre

Rebranding Rehab

The Australian Rehabilitation Research Centre (ARRC) is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne and the
Royal Melbourne Hospital that aims to minimise the long term effects of disability through rehabilitation.

We worked with ARRC to refresh perceptions around rehab and empower people to reintegrate back into their communities – fitter, stronger and healthier than before.


The vision of ARRC is to ‘optimise outcomes for patients with neurological disorders’, with a mission to ‘become a model of national interdisciplinary research and translation, specifically addressing rehabilitation for patients with neurological disorders’.

‘The Centre brings together a consortium of national and international researchers and clinicians from different disciplines in a formal collaboration that provides the intellectual dynamism needed for novel approaches to cost-effective rehabilitation of these conditions in order to improve outcomes. In parallel with its innovative research programs, the Centre also provides education programs to up-skill clinicians and to train the next generation of interdisciplinary researchers.’


Rehab medicine is only 25 years old in Australia. As such, it is undervalued –  not perceived as a particularly ‘cool’ or ‘sexy’ area of medicine by the public. To compound the challenge, society generally isn’t welcoming of those who are disabled or ill.

ARCC sees the opportunity to take the ‘dis’ out of ‘disability’, and establish rehab as the missing link between injury and recovery in order to get people back into communities sooner, healthier, fitter and stronger than before.

The key goal of our work with ARRC was to deliver a cohesive and compelling brand identity that would enable them to secure further funding, which would in turn have a knock-on effect resulting in more research, and improved delivery of care, education and awareness in the wider community.

Effectively, our task was to change the perception of rehab for the public; transitioning an academic research project to user-friendly consumer brand, by clearly and compellingly articulating the story of why rehab is so important.



Re: – prefix. Once more; afresh; anew. With return to a previous state.

Rehabilitation is another chance. An opportunity to regroup, reboot, reconnect. ARRC is here to promote a positive ‘can do’ attitude and provide an environment for patients to change their thinking and achieve greater outcomes.

The brand depicts ‘real’ heroes – the proof – and connects viewers with ARRC success stories – people getting back to life healthier, fitter and stronger than before.

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