Hospo Voice

Be Heard!

Empowering hospo workers and raising the standards of the hospitality industry

A new order

Hospo Voice was born when United Voice Victoria came to Alto to develop a brand identity for a new union focused on those in the hospitality industry. Harassment and exploitation are just two of the many issues that plague hospitality workers in Australia – for example, United Voice found that 89% of young women working in hospitality have been sexually harassed. As you would agree, statistics like these have no place in modern society. So United Voice wanted to start making a change by empowering hospo workers. They wanted to help them speak up for their rights, while encouraging an environment of respect at venues.

Serving up change

With youthful hospo workers as our main audience, we wanted to produce a brand with a vibrant and contemporary feel. Being able to provoke a sense of outrage where appropriate was vital, as was providing a sense of how this union could help individuals speak up for their rights at work. Hospitality staff work hard to ensure we are all having an enjoyable and safe time every single day. Finally, with the Hospo Voice brand, United Voice Victoria are now one step closer to keeping them safe too.

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