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Love Me Love You Foundation

No-one travels their journey alone.

Love Me Love You is a non-profit organisation that strives to stamp out the stigma surrounding mental health through education, empowerment and building resilience.

We transformed their brand to help them succeed in their mission to give people the knowledge, tools and support for a lifetime of mental wellbeing.


Education is essential to beating the stigma surrounding mental health and instilling personal wellbeing. Love Me Love You are facilitators of mental health education and their perception is that mental health is an ongoing journey.

Through a series of workshops and programs, the team brings awareness and real-life experiences to schools, communities and workplaces, teaching teenagers and adults alike that no one should travel their mental health journey alone.

In addition to workshops, they also engage, challenge and inform their audiences about the journey of mental health through fundraising events, whether that be walking up to 60km for March With Me, or cycling for up to two days for Ride With Me.


The mental wellbeing space is not short of organisations, so the challenge was on to help them stand out and be the best at what they do.

One of Love Me Love You’s strengths is its passionate community, which already has high levels of engagement and rapid growth. Our focus was to engage with this community spirit and produce a brand that people would be proud to support, wear and want to be involved with.

It was important to create a point of difference whereby the audience could also engage with Love Me Love You’s entire journey, right from that very first educational seminar to the feeling of finishing one of their sporting events.


By creating a strong synergy between visuals, applications and messaging, we were able to seamlessly integrate Love Me Love You’s brand across their education programs, activities and fundraising events.

Our intention was to promote education and awareness of mental health issues, as well as continue to grow Love Me Love You’s army of passionate warriors.

Love Me Love You launched their new brand at their 2018 March With Me event.

Now is the time to stamp out the stigma!

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