Metro Trains OnTrack App

Keeping Melbourne OnTrack

How do you keep a train network for a city of 4 million people on track 365 days a year? Welcome to Metro Trains.

Moving Melbourne

As Melbourne’s metropolitan rail service provider, Metro operates 210 six-carriage trains across 869 kilometres of track. In total, they transport 420,000 customers each day. With 15 lines, 218 stations and services running seven days a week, Metro has been given the enormous task of keeping Melbourne on track day in and day out.

Sounds easy, right? Well, sometimes things go wrong.

Disruption Happens

Whether it’s a trespasser on the tracks, an ill passenger or a train failing to dock, the network is prone to disruptions. Previously compounding the problem was an analog disruption management ‘system’. This was a tangle of paper work and phone calls – meaning it was difficult to manage and monitor disruptions across the whole network, let alone deal with them efficiently and effectively.

Disrupting the Disruptions

Metro’s goal was to create a digital platform for team members that allowed them to identify any issues from either their desktop or their mobile. Staff can then respond to and resolve these issues as quickly as possible. This allows everyday Melbournians to get on with enjoying a commute in the world’s most liveable city.


Metro Loader


Right On Track

Keeping the Wheels Spinning

The OnTrack app provides a much needed digital platform for Metro’s ground team. It gives them access to network performance data while allowing them to manage disruptions and perform vital daily tasks.

It’s all centred around an interactive map of disruptions and incidents presented in real-time on the train network. Here, Metro staff are able to instantly view disruption information and work together to keep trains running on time. The end outcome enables them to achieve their goals quickly and easily, enhancing overall company productivity and efficiency. Most importantly, this all improves the Metro customer experience.

All Aboard

Alto acted as an extension of the Metro team providing UX & UI design and consultancy, naming, brand development and training presentations for Metro’s change management team. We worked hand in hand with the key decision makers at Metro and held numerous usability sessions with Metro team members ‘on the ground’ to ensure that the app worked for those who needed it.