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MSO Learn App

MSO Learn is the first app of its kind to offer users an advanced interactive audio-visual educational exploration of an orchestra.

We worked with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Outware Mobile to bring this digital learning  journey to fingertips everywhere.


MSO Learn for iPhone and iPad is designed to teach children and adults alike about the inner workings of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and its musicians. The app allows users to learn and listen to each instrument featured and meet a member of each section of the Orchestra.

Launched to coincide with MSO’s inaugural Education Week, MSO Learn is the first app of its kind to offer the user an advanced, interactive, audio-visual exploration of an orchestra, featuring the different instrumental families, individual instruments and the musicians who play them.


Music is a large part of many people’s lives, and while not everyone can play an instrument, MSO believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn more about and appreciate the instruments featured in the Orchestra.

The key goal of our work with MSO was to deliver a simple yet engaging visual identity and user experience for the app that would appeal not just to a specific age group, but to a wider audience of keen lifelong learners.


We took our ideas back to the drawing board, quite literally, with a handdrawn aesthetic that reflects the learning environment of a classroom.

Users can explore the various sections of the orchestra from a simple overview of the Orchestra seating plan before delving deeper to learn and listen to each featured instrument and meet a member of that section from the MSO.

The app is a great way of introducing the Orchestra to the general public, away from the bright (and sometimes intimidating) lights of the performance stage, to foster a more intimate learning environment.

“The MSO is delighted to be able to offer such an interactive and engaging App to complement its comprehensive Education and Community programs”

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

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A staggering 20,000+ downloads from the Australian iTunes store in the first 12 months of launch

MSO Learn has been featured in the iTunes stores of more than 50 countries around the world

Has been ranked the #1 App in the Education New and Noteworthy section of the Australian iTunes store