Mobile Foxtel

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Hold the phones. This is a repeat!

Back by Popular Demand

We’ve seen this one before, haven’t we? Back in 2013, Studio Alto jumped on board to design the UI for the Mobile Foxtel app for both iPhone and iPad. Back by popular demand, we have since made a start on a new look for iOS as well as bringing the Android look up to date with Google’s material design.

New & Improved iOS

Working with a new team of developers at Seventh Beam, we set about enhancing the iOS user interface with a focus on improving discovery of new shows, aligning to the latest Telstra & Foxtel brand guidelines and giving the app a cleaner aesthetic with improved usability throughout.

Taking on a Materialised Form

This version allowed us to approach the Android app design completely separately to the iOS version. Taking into account Google’s comprehensive guidelines for material design, the Android version was all about making the platform more accessible, user-friendly and seamless across phone and tablet devices.

Excellent app! New update is so good & fast.”

– Google Play Review