Monash University Science Faculty

Simply Scienterrific!

Science. Quiet labs. White coats. Hours spent solving complex equations… yawn. We built the dynamite that Monash Science needed to explode the myths around careers in science.


Scientists dissect and discover, explode and explore, investigate and invent – and their work can genuinely change the world. How cool is that? Problem is, careers in science tend to get a bit of a bad rep.


To help explore the exciting career possibilities and bust some of the common myths that exist around science-related careers, Monash held a conference for Year 10 – 12 students and their parents, hosted by alumni and current students.


Science had an image problem. Our strategy was to create an explosive and unexpected visual identity, that would be applied to event and marketing collateral, to attract prospective high-school students to study science at Monash.

Being scientific? That sounds a bit boring.
But being scienterrific? Now that sounds like fun!



StudioAlto-MonashScience-Conference-Tote_Bag StudioAlto-MonashScience-Conference-Tee