Brand Konrad

Beauty & Strangeness

What does it take to be a personal brand? How do you go from being unknown to known? Do you need talent? Luck? A sex scandal?


Meet the storyteller.

Konrad Marshall, a journalist from Australia’s most loved long-read weekend magazine, Good Weekend, approached us to help guide him on his ‘journey of self-actualisation to discover his inner-brand’ for his story ‘Me Inc: How to turn yourself into a brand’. This was a unique job that tested our idea of what a ‘brand’ is, its function, and its value.


A brand? Or just a man?

Does ‘brand’ exist if it doesn’t have a purpose other than a good yarn? Or only when you are acutely aware of the way people perceive you, when you create rules around it, and strategically harness or manipulate this perception to take advantage of it?

Deep questions indeed. We needed to get to the bottom of this.


Dive. Deep.

We took Konrad through a full brand discovery process – from being just a guy in his dream job doing what he loves, to being a brand with documented values, beliefs and guiding principles; a mission and vision; an audience and a value proposition; and a strategy for success.



How do you solve a problem like Konrad?

The purpose.

At the heart of Konrad’s story was a real purpose to connect and move people through storytelling, with his belief that everyone has a story worth telling, and indeed worth reading. This gave us his value proposition.

In an age of selfies, click-bait, brevity and time-poorness with constant-connectedness, our minds are fed on a fast-food diet of ‘content’ with little nourishment.

Brand Konrad is the antithesis of this.

The promise.

Through the highest quality storytelling, Brand Konrad lays bare the beauty and strangeness in everyday life, opening windows to worlds that touch readers’ souls.

Brand Konrad is a luxury, enabling us to take some time out, and nourish our minds and our souls. To learn, laugh, cry or just pause to think. To feel something.

Time spent with Brand Konrad is time spent wisely.

A window to worlds.

Inspired by the ‘New Journalists’ of the 60s and 70s, Konrad puts himself in the story. We see the world through his eyes.

Our creative strategy was built around this idea, and influenced by great pairings of journalists / authors and illustrators, (Thompson and Steadman, Dahl and Blake), we created a brand visual identity that contrasted Konrad’s beautiful words with strange illustrations; put a face to the name (literally), and delivered, possibly, the first journalist with his own personal brand in Australia. 






Brand Konrad guidelines Brand Konrad guidelines Brand Konrad guidelines Brand Konrad guidelines



A home for Brand Konrad.

Our plan was to create a permanent ‘home’ for Konrad’s collected works – which at that stage had no fixed address – that could be easily accessed and shared. This ‘home’ would become an ever-evolving source of entertainment and inspiration for lovers of literature and life alike, and a platform to expand the reach and reputation of Brand Konrad.

Hitting the streets.

Always willing to put himself at the heart of the story, Konrad not only pasted up his own bill-posters all over the Melbourne’s inner suburbs, but hit the streets of the CBD during mid-winter with his nearest and dearest to hand-deliver his beautiful and strange writings to rush-hour commuters in the hope that they would ‘waste their time wisely’ on the long, cold commute home.

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Tabloid design  |  Illustrations by @onehitwndr Tabloid design  |  Illustrations by @onehitwndr Tabloid design  |  Illustrations by @onehitwndr Tabloid design  |  Illustrations by @onehitwndr

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