Creative Education Design and Branding for Rising Software | Studio Alto

Rising Software V6

Taking music education 
to the cloud

Rising Software produce the world’s most comprehensive aural training and music theory software – Auralia and Musition.

As a longtime design partner, we conceptualised and brought to life a new look and feel for their latest release of Version 6.



Rising Software: Shaping the future of music education


Rising Software are a local music education software success story that have global reach. Their biggest selling titles – Auralia and Musition – are available as both browser (cloud) and desktop-based applications, with subscriptions coming from education institutes around the globe.


Our focus was to bring a fresh and creative twist to their brand identity, that would complement their latest release, Version 6. We took the existing brand icons and remixed them into a youthful and eclectic mashup of textures, colours and instruments. This new look and feel has been rolled out across Rising Software’s suite of marketing tools and UI design.