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Collaborate like a dream team

How do you carry out a seamless and successful software migration across one of Australia’s largest tertiary institutions?

You get all users onboard, excited and in the loop from day one.
We worked with RMIT University on a migration campaign to Office 365, which was designed to take the bore out of the chore.





The challenge:

A seamless migration for close to 100k users with minimal disruption and maximum uptake.

Changing tech for changing times.

As one of Australia’s leading tertiary institutions, RMIT made a decision to shift their technological operations to Office 365 in order to make full use of Microsoft’s extensive suite of business and collaborative team applications. This upgrade was inline with RMIT’s Ready for Life & Work strategy as it sought to simplify and streamline the student experience, promote collaboration amongst staff and improve general workflow within the University.


A diverse audience group.

This change affected three groups of users, each with varying needs and levels of technological prowess.

Priorities: Improved workflow to deal with the fast-paced growth and change of a big university.

Priorities: Be able to access and edit online teaching resources with ease and communicate with students on a professional platform.

Priorities: A user-friendly platform to collaborate, communicate and create.




The outcome:

A fresh take on a cut and dry process.

Selling the sizzle, not the sausage.

Our campaign messaging focused on communicating the real world tangible benefits of the migration on both an individual and global level, rather than outlining the technical specs of Office 365. In order to increase engagement, we wanted the campaign and narrative to be friendly, humorous and relatable. Our intention was to ensure that every user group wasn’t intimidated by a software shift, but instead excited to embrace Office 365 with open arms.

The intention was to execute a campaign that emphasised the following primary benefits of the Office 365 suite:

  • Teamwork / collaboration

  • Productivity

  • Flexibility / fluidity of work

Relatable messaging.

Our approach included highlighting the software’s ability to improve daily tasks, right through to enhancing the global perception of RMIT as being one of the best-of-breed technology institutes. The comprehensive range of messaging, designed to capture interest through the use of playful office puns, provided users with a fresh perspective and understanding of a software migration.

Transitioning between, and learning new computer software can be boring and/or confusing, so it was essential that our broad audience base had access to information that was appropriate to their needs and skill levels. The tailored messaging we developed was designed to address the different pain points of the user groups in the most effective way, and provide a long-term benefit, instead of merely highlighting the technical features of the new software.


Audience-targeted illustrations and messaging.

Studio Alto | RMIT O365 | Illustrated animation | Illustrated students sitting on top of each others shoulders


StudioAlto-RMIT-O365-Social-Media-Live StudioAlto-RMIT-O365-Tshirts-Applications-2
StudioAlto-RMIT-O365-Banners-Application StudioAlto-RMIT-O365-Tshirts-Applications-3



The tech specs

Livening up internal communications.

A tech migration campaign of this scale invariably has to address the nitty gritty details.

In the spirit of taking the bore out of the chore, we developed an additional suite of icons to help break up wordy internal communications documents and introduced motion into otherwise text-heavy infographics.