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Skills drive the future

Shifting perceptions around skill-based careers with WorldSkills Australia.

WorldSkills are on a mission to break the stigma around skill-based careers. Believing that ‘skills drive the future’, WorldSkills know that choosing a skill-based career is one of the most important decisions a young person will make.

So where do young Australians go to get hands-on experience and learn about skills-based careers? Introducing the 2018 Skills Show.




A hidden gem.

WorldSkills hold a bi-annual trade industry event titled the ‘National Championships’—a kind of trade Olympics celebrating excellence in skilled trades. A valuable event in promoting excellence, but limited in its appeal and relevance to audiences outside of the actual competitors and their supporter network.

Mixed in with the event is a ‘come-and-try’ programme where visiting students can gain valuable experience in what it is like to work in a skills based career, with the opportunity to get hands on – literally – and test drive dozens of different trades and skills through interactive events, workshops and activities, and network with hundreds of industry and educational experts.

Our challenge? To increase the appeal of the event to students.


Let’s help young Australians make informed career choices.

Young people have a lot of negative emotions surrounding employment and career choices – anxiety, confusion, stress, frustration etc. Combined with the cultural bias against Vocational Education often held by their parents’ generation, young people are not being exposed to all the options available to them.

To make an informed choice on their career and future, young people need access to industry professionals who actually work in the field. Even better, they need access to an event where they can roll up their sleeves and get hands-on experience to help them discover and understand what a career in skills can provide. Our job – to flip the negative emotions that young people have surrounding their career choices and turn them into excitement and inspiration.

What better way to learn about a career than to test-drive it yourself, and see the best-of-the-best in action?



During a series of product-focused workshops with the WorldSkills Brand and Marketing team, we identified that shifting the focus away from the spectator event, and on to the hands-on nature of learning via discovery, would offer a broader appeal to the target audience – students, their parents and educators. Resulting in increased opportunities to market to a much wider audience, while also providing the perfect platform to showcase potential career choices, and support WorldSkills’ goal of shifting common misconceptions around skilled careers. The Skills Show was born!



We worked closely with WorldSkills to create a holistic campaign with tailored messaging to suit the three different target audience groups – students, teachers and educators.

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I’m fortunate to have realised my dream of working in the industry I love but never realised I could also compete nationally and actually represent Australia. It’s an amazing experience.

Gaby Ware, 2017 Skillaroo, Hairdressing










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