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About Space to Create

Space to Create is a bespoke furniture company based in Melbourne whose aim is to create individual, high quality pieces that are functional and have enduring design style.

Space to Create first approached Alto to create a brand identity that would position them as a sophisticated, design-led brand. The branding needs to appeal to their design-savvy customers, stand its own in a competitive market, while complementing seasonal trends and a range of styles of furniture.

Visual Identity

Taking visual cues from the linear minimalism that defines Space to Create’s style of design, we took a no-fuss approach in developing a brandmark that employs fine linework throughout.

The monogram is an abstract representation of space and form; based off an isometric grid as a nod to the three dimensional space in which Space to Create’s products exist. The customized wordmark in turn took visual form from the monogram.

Website Design

Based on the success of the website of Dann Event Hire, Space to Create’s parent company, we developed a very similar digital template. A three-fold off-canvas navigation system ensures that all products and services can be easily accessed, while keeping the sophisticated look on main pages, letting Space to Create’s stunning photography do the heavy-lifting. The website is also fully responsive, ensuring a pleasant experience on any device, especially if you were looking to furnish your home on the go!

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