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Startup Victoria

Mapping Victoria's Startup Ecosystem

How do you keep track of one of the fastest moving ecosystems in the world?

We collaborated with the team at Startup Victoria (supported by LaunchVic and dandolopartners), to take on this task of capturing, communicating and celebrating the progress of Victoria’s startup ecosystem in their ‘Mapping Victoria’s Startup Ecosystem’ report. This report included data from 1,137 startups and scaleups across a variety of different industries within this ecosystem. 


Startup Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation and a community of over 15,000 people who work together to foster and support the thriving startup ecosystem here in Victoria. Startup Victoria works with entrepreneurs, industry, community and educational institutions to help accelerate the growth of the startup ecosystem.


We collaborated with Startup Victoria to bring the key information and statistics to life and visually communicate the energy and passion of this industry. As one of the fastest moving ecosystems in the world, it was important that the information in the report accurately captured and presented the rapid progress to date with these innovative companies.


The final report came to life as a useful tool for investors and for those wanting to get involved in the startup ecosystem. It championed the progress of the startups, celebrating the hard work of all involved.