T2 Sorbet

Obey the Sorbet



Lose yourself in a springtime brew of beautiful, rich, fruity flavours. The Sorbet has spoken.


To welcome the onset of spring, Studio Alto once again teamed up with T2’s Creative Director, Bryce Ford, to present a line of teas that are the perfect accompaniment to the fun of warmer weather, yet also quirky with a twist of dark humour. Working with the bold colour blocks of the tea boxes, our brief was to also incorporate an element of trance/mesmerization.


With the help of photographer Jason Reekie and stylist Rebecca Howell, Studio Alto art directed a photoshoot to capture the essence of these sorbet tea flavours. Colour was the hero of the day to make each of the flavours stand out; we combined this with a pared back approach to the product styling for a campaign personality that was equal parts fun and minimal.

StudioAlto-T2-Sorbet-Watermelon StudioAlto-T2-Sorbet-Talent-2
StudioAlto-T2-Sorbet-Talent-1 StudioAlto-T2-Sorbet-Kiwi
StudioAlto-T2-Sorbet-Lemon StudioAlto-T2-Sorbet-Talent-3
StudioAlto-T2-Sorbet-Talent-4 StudioAlto-T2-Sorbet-Orange
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