The Know How - Essential knowledge for every woman.

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Essential knowledge for every woman.

The Know How are leaders in fertility health who strive to empower women of all ages and stages of life to understand their own unique body language, so that they can take control of their health, wellbeing and fertility.

We worked with The Know How team to reposition and refresh a lost language for a new generation.




Empowering women to understand their own unique body language.

The Know How are facilitators of fertility education, with a mission to help women better understand their bodies, and health overall.

Pregnancy and fertility health management are some of the most important aspects of women’s health, yet they lack general understanding and wider conversation amongst women and health professionals.


Incorporating a highly personalised approach, the experienced educators behind The Know How provide tailored guidance for every woman interested in achieving or avoiding a pregnancy naturally, as well as general fertility management knowledge.

Through a series of one-on-one sessions, The Know How provide women with an in-depth understanding of their own unique body language, so they can make better informed decisions about their fertility health.






The Know How is based on the Billings Ovulation Method—a natural form of fertility management, enabling women to achieve or avoid pregnancy without hormonal intervention.

Although based on decades of scientific research, The Billings Method has over time become misunderstood and misrepresented. It was time for a new approach.

A fresh start.

We asked the question ‘What if Billings were a startup, and didn’t carry the baggage of the last 60 years? What would it say? How would it look? How would it behave?

We tuned into to the demands of the market. Now more than ever, people are striving for better, natural wellbeing alternatives. Beyond achieving and avoiding pregnancy, there was an opportunity for the brand to focus on fertility health management—good health—relevant for every woman at any stage of life.



Knowing is understanding.

To give the Billings Method a fresh start free of the myths and misconceptions, we developed and launched a brand awareness campaign that shaped the brand as ‘new knowledge for a new generation’.

Incorporating much more than the benefits of The Billings Method, ‘The Know How’ is more about simply understanding and using a natural fertility method—it’s about women at of all stages of their life, knowing how to read, understand and respond to the unique language of their body.



‘The Know How has given me the confidence to make decisions about my body’.

– Mariah –




‘I will have this knowledge for the rest of my life’.

– Anna –