Wet & Wild

Tested on animals

Welcome to the jungle.

The Brief

Naming, branding and packaging concept for three unique condoms – bolder and sexier than ever seen before! Ground-breaking design to shift the paradigm of the condom category and brand names that will inspire experimentation.

Getting excited

The jungle is exotic, dangerous and exciting. It’s where man and beast live side by side – the home of lost tribes, mythology, magic and spirituality: ‘Manimals’, ‘were’s and ‘shape-shifters’, witch doctors, shamans, ritual and ceremony.


The jungle is spiritual and it’s sensual. It’s hot, steamy, and restless. It never sleeps. It hypnotises you with the pounding repetition of tribal drums, entrancing you, taking you to a higher state of being. You become ecstatic, you loose yourself in the wild. You embody your spiritual animal.

Packaging Concepts

Marketing Concepts