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WP Elevation

Elevating online learning

WP Elevation  is the leading online training program paving the way for a new breed of WordPress consultant. Helping digital freelancers find freedom – by mastering the essential business skills needed to elevate themselves and their business.

We collaborate with the WP Elevation team to continually increase brand and product awareness and to support their growing community of ‘Elevators’. 




How do we build on a brand to stay relevant in the constantly changing landscape of digital learning?

Refine and intensify.

WP Elevation came to us with an established audience group – freelance WordPress developers who wanted to know how to go from just building a website (and having to deal with the business management side of it), to confidently building a successful business.

Although there was already some awareness of the brand within that niche target audience, WP Elevation wanted our expertise in refining and building out their brand as it matured. They needed to retain loyalty to the brand while attracting new customers.

Go elevate!

As WP Elevation has the capabilities to develop and manage their platform in-house, we work closely with their team to establish a solid identity by:

  • defining a razor-sharp product offering
  • improving customer experience
  • creating brand awareness through content development and social media marketing





We help WP Elevation to refine their ‘product market fit’.

The WP Elevation digital platform.

While WP Elevation has one hero product offering – the online courses – its website is a treasure trove of supporting resources that adds immense value to the customer experience. Besides UI design, we also work on key messaging to drive users more efficiently to sections of the site most relevant to them.

The Blueprint Program landing page.

We worked on both UI design and messaging for the product page – sectioning it into bite-sized portions that give potential customers a clear overview of what is on offer.



The WP Elevation Mission Statement.

The greater mission is important to these guys. So much so that they decided to dedicate a whole feature page to it. We helped bring to life WP Elevation’s Mission Statement, by designing a page that clearly illustrated each of their six core values. Helping to further strengthen WP Elevation’s brand values and what they stand for – for all the world to see.




Good CX is in the smallest of details.
We simplified WP Elevation’s existing student onboarding process to five steps.

Onboarding screens | 1. Welcome Onboarding screens | 2. Contact Onboarding screens | 3. Bio Onboarding screens | 4. Facebook profile Onboarding screens | 5. Elevator's pledge




WP Elevation are the kings of creating valuable content and tools for their community. We work with WP Elevation to unify their extensive range of supporting resources and spread their content far and wide.

The WP Elevation podcast.

WP Elevation produces an amazing podcast series. Their website is home to hundreds of podcasts which give subscribers tips and insights from some of the WordPress community’s most influential folks. We continually work to improve the user experience across the WP Elevation website. A new site is coming soon – stay tuned!


WP Elevation live video streaming.

WP Elevation are the kings of video content. They have their own purpose-built live streaming studio where content is created weekly and beamed out live to an audience of thousands via Facebook. Brand consistency is super important to these guys and no area is left untouched. We help WP Elevation bring the brand to life with animated video sequences.


The blog.

WP Elevation push out a new blog post every week, and have been doing so for the past three years. That’s a whole lot of content to house on a website. We assist with website UI design, from feature blog article layouts, right down to teeny, tiny things like developing a suite of icons to easy categorise this massive repository of content.


Social media.

WP Elevation are big on digital marketing, especially Facebook. They have a public group with more than 12k followers, and a members-only private group with over 800 active participants worldwide. We help with quality management of their advertising posts.


Print marketing.

A sales prospectus is given to potential customers at roadshows and seminars hosted throughout the year by WP Elevation. We help produce this type of promotional content, along with many others, to spread the good word.