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Yume is a social enterprise whose mission is to reduce commercial food waste in Australia.

We worked with them to bring the passion, purpose and personality of the team to their brand expression.

Yume came to us with a start-up brand identity that was ad-hoc, inconsistent and no longer communicated the right message to their market. As a platform, they had pivoted their offering, and now wanted to go back to market with a more compelling message and identity to reflect the true personality and value of their brand. The perfect opportunity for a refresh.

We transformed their brand expression, establishing brand pillars – ‘Yume’s Three P(eas)’, brand narrative, tone-of-voice and messaging, and rolled out much needed business development collateral. We also built up the brand’s guidelines in the background to support the internal marketing and design team to keep Yume ‘on-brand’.

The outcome was a rapid refresh of the business development team’s presentation tools, resulting in a much more sophisticated pitch to potential customers, and a better brand experience for their community.


Good for the pocket

Yume serves up a big network of Buyers to a network of Suppliers who provide genuine surplus products. This means that Buyers save a minimum of 20% off wholesale prices for quality products, and Suppliers don’t waste any surplus food. Sounds great, right?


Good for the people

Even better is that they do the math, and then send environmental certificates to both Buyers and Suppliers. They can then see how much food and water they’ve saved – and how much CO2 they’ve diverted – simply by using Yume.


Good for the planet

In addition, they’re on a quest to create a world without waste – this includes any food that goes unsold on the platform being dished up as a donation to one of their Australian charity partners. Suppliers can also opt to donate their surplus products to an organisation of their choice.

Yume | Creative Direction Yume | Creative Direction Yume | Creative Direction Yume | Creative Direction Yume | Creative Direction

Flyer – Seller Tradeshow banner – Seller Flyer – Buyer Tradeshow banner – Buyer

“Studio Alto have helped our brand to achieve the personality and visual identity it needed to match our core mission. Their innovation and creativity push boundaries and have really helped us to stand out in the food service industry.”


Hungry for more? Watch this video from Yume: